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Welcome to & Other Stories (Regent street store) - www.stories.com

Hair clips with crystal texture on top (£7) they also have the matching earrings which are gorj!

I love their packaging for their products so simple and consistent. Haven't tried their make-up but the colours of the lip glosses are really nice.

What I really admired was the detail in products which all have influences of sports wear in it.

Got my Vans on but the look like sneakers. 

Reinvent your bags with multicolored tassels, other than a scarf add these attachments they are perfect.

The purses have these cool zips, the lining is of a different colour from the purse and the zipping remains gold.

The bag has great structure at the bottom which is great as it prevents sagging and the bag from looking lifeless on your shoulder. 

I'm in love with these shoes the belt buckle actually does unbuckle, ohh yeahh! -not that I advise walking without it done up.

This bag has a long strap to wear on your shoulder but if you do like to then keep your bag worn in your hands with the cross strap, it's just a neatly added detail.

Never did I expect the store to have beauty products as great as this, I cannot speak for all of it's items but from what I tried out they are softening and beautifully scented.

Cashmere Day Cream ow La La boo boo

This is a scientific equation for my Chemistry people.

Yes this is a real tap and you can 'Try' before you buy. I tried the 'Rose' soap which smells so wonderful and then I used the 'Moroccan Tea' hand lotion which has to be my favorite!!!

Mini skirt with a-line layer.

Zip Zippa

Do not buy this shirt it's mine looool I really like the zip in the collar it's so different.

Weaving - Blue - Sandals , summer time.

I really like Rose Gold and always said it would be nice if brands made more accessories with a similar colour. & Mint Green is back once again....

I throw my arms up in the air sometimes, nahh I don't but they wood.

Print work x repetition '& other stories' 
Opposite & Other Stories store is Oasis (from the back). They have a Pop Up Florist.

These flowers are really beautiful and whats more special is that no batch is the same.

Stripey Bike & Basket full of Flowers.

Iron  on your Grass

The view from the top brilliant.

Ciao Bella my fabulous viewers & Happy Mothers Day Y'all!!

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs           
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  1. Your blogs are fun, up-to-date and informative, always love the photographic content. I cannot wait until the next one.

    1. Thank you so much as always & the lovely comments xxx