On Set For French Connection Photoshoot

Colin Dawidziuk, European Fashion Director at Kenton Magazine talks about the collection.

Make Up Artist - Alannah Philips

Hair Stylists from - Hob Salon - @Char_Hudson (Right)

Had the pleasure of having my lashes done for the first time ever by the lovely ladies at 'The Vintage Cosmetic Company' who were giving us lovely goody bags on the day.

@thevintageCosco Ladies

Some of the makeup used on the Fab' Mod' - Dani Smith


KK D 's

Styled by Colin Dawidziuk - @Omgitsc

Lovely Model - Dani Smith

& Other Stories blusher

Styled by Colin Dawidziuk - @Omgitsc  | I absolutely love the cut and colour of the skirt, the fine laser cut and the long sleeve tops simple sport bold stripe. 

Gold bangle arm wear used over the sleeve of the top.

Styled by Colin Dawidziuk - @Omgitsc

I've been missing pleats skirts like this glad they've made a comeback this spring. The colours are perfect and balanced out  well with the leather top.

Middle Parting, Swept Fringe and Hair knot ponytail - Love it

I whip my hair...
Styled by Colin Dawidziuk - @Omgitsc | A great use of colour magnifies the the outfit as one great combo.

                       Styled by @Natalie_Hughes - Love the print wear have to say this is one of my favorite outfits.                         The hairstyle and accessories are one of a kind and really adds a unique feel to the look.

Got to have touch ups- Keep ah girl looking gewwd

60's hairstyle !


Hob Salon Girls doing their thang! | Keep a Model looking Geewwd

She is werkin it. I love grays that have a mixture of black in it makes it look so textured. The printed pants are awesome and really compliment the jumper. The bag and heels top it off elegantly. 

Styled by @Natalie_Hughes I love the simplicity in colours. What makes the outfit is the cuts and shaping in the jacket and trousers.

Styled by @Natalie_Hughes | Metallicaa? Oh yess! The jeans jacket was nicely fitted & structured and the cross body bag takes it from being casual.

In 3 easy steps The Hob Salon Stylists will show you how to achieve this cute messy bun.

Soft Coral lipstick by Mac 


Styled by @ReemKanj | Can't get enough of embroidery this season it's something so dear to me

  Styled by @ReemKanj | Great print cut out tank top and the detail in the stiletto heel shoe with is so fitting for a warm summers night.

Beach vibeee

Ponytail action! Get this look in a scroll of a mouse..

Styled by @ReemKanj | Beautifully cut dress and nice puffy armed blouse. I'm not one for choker necklaces but I must admit this pulls the outfit together well. The lipstick just gives the look edge as does the slick ponytail.

Styled by @shewearsfashion | This is just 'Ultimate' I love it I can't explain why but if you do then you know why.

Styled by @shewearsfashion | Very NYC right here. Love the middle eastern colour palette.

Styled by @shewearsfashion | I don't normally like shorts and blazers but this is why we have stylist  recreating things and making them work better. I love the straw hat and 3D clutch ties the outfit in nicely.

Thank you once again for viewing my pictures and captions.

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs

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    1. Thank you as always Mil, appreciate it a lot.