H&M Re-Launch Party


Party Outside the Store !

Don't Yah Just Love A Well Dressed Mannequin 

Tahita Bulmer DJ'in 

Vita Coco ! -Served with a Smile, swerveee

Flamingo - Embroidery this season is no.1

Tha' REAL Rupunzel !


I got love for you if you were born in the 80's the 80's

We're honest, we don't have any Beef in telling you it's Horse

Queuing for Nails Inc, H&M just brought Cocoa Bella & I something Sweet 

Nails Inc by - Melissa

Candy On Them one time

Fancy Interior -Wagan Wheels

Really love the interior designers work in the store, made the fitting room area a luxury lounge.

Sweetie Package

C'est La Vie

Mushroom Heads

DJ set on nearly every floor

Cool Lighting & Floral Prints

Textured Items, Got To Love That
Come Ladies, Come On Ladies

Star Trek Love the Print & Cut on these Trousers

Soft snake skin print, bleu ! - The cut it the skirt is genius.

Out here in the Jungle

Más de moda de esta manera

This is all for the guys now. Quit with those boring tops and switch it up with some printed shirts.

Black Jeans and your set.

Mens T-Shirt Prints - Blurr

(UniSex) Over Sized White Short Sleeved Top, White Knee Length Shorts and shoes of choice  #readyBoo

Perfect Weather fort the Attire and  Colour

Triple Denim It works

Ciao Bella's xoxo A lot more coming soon! - Subscribe to keep locked in.

© Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs   
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