Urban Outfitters Launch Party

Writings on the WALL #History



10 Pinatas £500 voucher in one of these moody cows

Gotta Luv A Photo Booth 

Store art work by @davidshrigley

New York DJ Tim Sweeney @BISradio

Storage & Graphics.


Chill Spot

Classics Right There word to Aaliyah

Store art #mean no literally scary lol 

Don't kill their vibe 

Mini Arcade in the Ruben and Bobby Hairdressers #tooCool #CopenhagenInspired 

kids at heart, this was once all of our dreams 

Hair Stylist Bobby flown in from Copenhagen given some dapper hair cuts !

Coolest place in the store surrounded in toys and arcade machines. 

How high, nahh he lost this game lool

Great Purchase for the season #labelNotCool.com

Winter wear well done

3D Art Work, HAV ITTT 

Icons on T-Shirts - what have you done for me lately oh wo wo yeah #randomtune  

Black on Black uppp a notch with a classic cut International Orange coat! #Love

Check out http://www.ivanogilvie.com/blog.html work amazing

This is mine, if you dare say you was going to purchase it we are no longer friends #petpeev

Fallen in love with the Marble Arch store. It's innovative, feels homely, fun interaction all around and the music is always great. Theirs so much to see and do the only way you'll know it by heading down there ASAP! Nice vibes, wonderful people inc staff.

Behind the tills a Carpentry workshop how Cool is that. 

Upper Floor Vinyl  House

Marble Arch is where it's at #VINYL #Fashion 

and the music keeps on playing on and on.....

Stylist (Center) @dontcallmeloz

Model..Agencies go to the store and sign her! 

Fashion Boom Bza

Snazz your outfit with a Great Print Shirt and Complementary accessories  

Pop that...Pinata!

Watch it all fall out...

TOYS GALORE all on that floor...he about to Diveeee Innnn

This paper features art all Upcoming artist get in touch with  Urban Outfitters for a hopeful chance of being featured in this. 

The End for Now...Thank you so much for Viewing!!
Gracias,  Arigatō 

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs


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  1. Thanks for the Love, Jelana.... nice meeting you yesterday

  2. Your welcome and thank you too, definitely was great meeting you and a fab event !