RIBA Regent Street Windows Project

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Topshop - Neon store window - I don't normally do posts as such but I truly love Visual Merchandising / Window Dressing and I was excited to see what all the people had done for each store. 

Karen Millen

Karen Millen - Loved the patterned texture behind the mannequin and throughout the store

The white textured installation adds to the colours in the forefront and lifts it.

The concentrated pistachio compliments the the dress and shoes.

Ferrari - This store was obvious to the brand in the drawings in it's mechanical parts and cars. I love the drawings in the way it's sketched and the scale of it. The center to each sketch installation has a interactive piece which was a beating heart that you could hear on the street also a brain appeared to the screen.  

ESPIRIT - As they were still altering things when I came I assume it wasn't complete as the ladder  is still there. However I love the beach theme brought to London it defiantly brought the sun to us.

This was the inside installation you have to see it for yourself but this had to be one of my favorites.
All elements really reflect the vibrancy of the store comes together at the core heart of it. Which coincides with summer so well.

Moss Bros - I love the understated look of the this display which emulates the suits of the brand in that they are  sharp, clean cut and incurs great detail. 

Thank you for reading and viewing my pictures - Ciao Bella's

© Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs  

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