The Classic 5 For Valentines

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From a young age I had a love and obsession over perfumerie, scents and the ingredients which make them
what they are. I love collecting beautiful fragrances, unusual scents and also helping people find something new that suits them. 

This first fragrance was bought for me by my mother on her way to Italy, by Salvatore Ferragamo, Signorina - Eleganza.
It's beautifully airy and laced with base notes of patchouli and white leather and head notes of grapefruit and crisp pear. It's a dream like walking through a path of cherry blossom in spring. It's one I could always go back to. 

On my twentieth birthday, I was having a birthday dinner with my friends, I wanted to capture that moment with a scent and always remember that chapter of my life.

The first one I had was Promenade In The Garden but there was one that I kept going back which I had to get -
Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Martin Margiela, it's like a white cotton sheet dream. It's clean and fresh blend of beautiful notes aldehydes, iris and lilly of the valley are just a few that unravel the soft lengths within this scent. The collection 'Replica' are to remind you of a place moment or even location. 

Diptyque is on of my favourite brands each fragrance has a story behind it and they do some of the most unusually beautiful fragrances and perfumes, simply because it just works. 

Eau Rose is a Rosie dream, it's full of charm, graces the skin lightly and carries so elegantly over time. Mid notes of rose, jasmine and geranium that delightly stay at the tip of your inhale. 

One I've bought repeatedly and also been given, Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle. It reminds of Barcleona as I'd bought it on my way there and wore it throughout my stay. It's almost like a subtle spice sculpted with sweet notes that enhances every moment. It's special. Another from Lancôme that I'm yet to get a hold of is L'autre Oud En Rose.

Chloé, one the first perfumes I fell in love with. It's a soft classic and original fragrance. It's chic and sophisticated and warning. It combines notes of peonies and magnolias, a powdery silk against the skin, wrapped with cedar wood. 

Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a memorable and fragrant Valentines xo

 © Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs
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1 comment:

  1. Lots of people save their favourite perfume bottles and it was lovely to see an article showing this reality with elegance. Beautiful, so unique, this is what sets you apart from other lifestyle bloggers