Palm Springs - Summer In California

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                                              PAML SPRINGS
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palm desert  

After an amazing few days in LA, the girls and I took a road trip down into the blue skies and blazing suns of
PALM SPRINGS for Labour Day Weekend. Palm Springs is famously known for Coachella, film festivals and art, a lot of it. Palm Springs has so much to offer and it's one place during the short stay I had more time to spend in. 

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We stayed at the J.W Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Desert Springs. Driving up to the hotel on a curvy road you see palm trees to each side of the road with flamingos to your right, it's the most dreamy thing ever. Coming out of the car door we were hit with desert heat, thankfully it was coming closer to sunset and heading inside to check in. 

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The room was beautiful, spacious and more than enough room for the 4 of us. The beds were plump & cosy, the decor was modern & warming and the balcony was spectacular. Every morning we'd draw back the curtains jump back into bed and watch the sunrise over the mountains, it was like a movie. Watching the sunrise and set over the mountains has to be the most epic sight I've ever seen on all of my travels. 

ACE HOTEL:        
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Ace Hotel is located in Palm Springs, a 19-minute drive from our hotel. If you are familiar with Ace Hotel you'll know how swanky, cool and fun each one is, they all have a unique presence and decor that captures its location. Even without room reservations, you can still come by for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks. We stopped by for lunch, pictures (of course) and chill time. King's Highway is a diner placed inside Ace Hotel. I opted for the Crispy Jidori Chicken Sandwich with a side of salad but feel free to opt for fries. It wasn't the juiciest chicken burger but the service was great and so was the company. 

Ace Hotel

JOSHUA TREE:        
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It's about an hours drive from our hotel in Palm Springs.  Joshua Tree at night is quite special. 

You can clearly see the stars, the milky-way, constellation and occasionally a shooting star. It was such an amazing experience, no lights, in the warm dark which felt like the middle of nowhere, playing music from the car and gazing at the stars. My camera and I were at war this evening but none the less I will always have this shabby picture to reflect on why things are best seen in person...hahaha.

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Salton Sea - Salvation Mountain
We drove out about an hour and a half from Palm Springs to see Salvation Mountain.
It was created by Leonard Knight who passed away in 2014, it was his tribute to God and a great one.
It has passages, tunnel and stairs bright colours and scriptures of the bible. It's the most monumental thing I've ever seen and such an unforgettable sight. This was one of the last places we visited before heading back to L.A and it was definitely a save the best for last moment for me. Please bring plenty of water and wear a hat as it is extremely hot at times, remeber you are in the desert.
Salvation Mountain.

Until next time, have a listen to my playlist: Western Grove

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

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