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                                    NAC MAYFAIR 
                                                                                                                                                                                     F e b r u a r y    25 t h   2 0 18


 Fresh back from my holiday and with my last day before I headed back to work my friend and I decided to have a long overdue catch up over brunch...
No booking? No problem: Strolling up to NAC I was met with a growing queue of eager customers, unlike me, everyone had a pre-booked reservation, lesson learned. I guess on a Sunday in central It’s bound to be busy with pre-shoppers and families spending the last moment of the weekend together. Walking inside the restaurant it appears narrow but they have an upper deck, main floor with a bar and downstairs seating area.

how was it 

Exceptional. On the service alone I cannot wait to return. From the moment of arrival to walking out the doors we received such a great service from the staff. Our waiters were engaging, funny, attentive and charming. It felt like a close-knit team, working well together in the way they communicate and bounce of each other's energy, it all contributes to your time at NAC. One of our waiters was really helpful in recommending what to order from the menu. Through conversation, they remembered me saying how much I loved having speculoos on top of my yoghurt in Nice, France and gave me extra..sweet.

how was it 

I chose the Jasmine Ice Tea, it wasn't sweet like your standard Lemon Ice Tea or anything; it was highly refreshing. It has this clean taste with a fine remnant of Jasmine to it. If you remember my visit to ÉLAN CAFE I tried the Jasmine & Lime iced tea which was a huge favourite during my visit. I do enjoy a slightly sweeter Ice Tea to NAC's but It complemented and balanced out my meal well.

taste like what? 

Ummmm, Ohh-maa-gash! Guys listen, I have never been a fan of pancakes, I would happily and easily choose a waffle or french toast over pancakes any day, but this converted me for life. Now let's not get it twisted, I won't be running anywhere to eat pancakes but I most definitely will be coming back NAC to have some of my own.

Okay, so I ordered the French Toast with raspberries, clotted cream, pistachio and speculoos. 
My friend ordered the Ricotta Pancakes with dulce de leche and banana. 
All I can say is that it was amazing, there were many of times I lost my train of thought down to the gorgeous flavours and textures I was experiences.




Beautiful, light travels well through the front windows; I love the different tones and styles that carry throughout the restaurant. The upper deck seating error is very traditional dinner date and an intimate space tucked to the back. The main floor you have gorgeous sphere lampshades, a mix of marble and wood tables and a well-sized bar area. Downstairs, you have this gorgeous velvet blue seating, salmon pink walls and a stunning bar area. I wasn't able to capture downstairs as it was getting busy, but be sure to check their IG or website for a preview.

final thoughts 

From the service to the food, everything was memorable, I can't wait to come back here, I think I may pop in for a cheeky lunch soon because there is a whole other side to the menu that I'm yet to uncover, especially the dinner and dessert menu. Brunch runs on Saturdays and Sundays between
0-4:30pm but fret not they're open from 11:30am on weekdays serving from lunch to dinner.

IT'S ME:        
jeaulina (images not taken in NAC)

Jumper: H&M
Headscarf: Gift, please send more 
Earrings: ASOS Hammered Metal Drop Earrings
Lips: Urban Cafe - NYX, Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy, 02 Nude - Sephora Outrageous Effect
Volume Lip Gloss




Spotify Playlist: Western Grove 7: Autumn Falls  

© Jeaulina Cato 2018 all rights reserved on photographs
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