Christmas Table Decor

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Merry Christmas!

As the day is gone and people are still in a festive mood of holiday parties and the New Years celebrations swiftly approaching I want to show you a few things to do over the holidays that will transform your average table spread into a luxurious one. 

Rule number one - Shop the sale! 
So these wonderful beaded snowflake place card holders and napkins were purchased in the NEXT sale. The placecard holders came with pieces of card, which I believe made a lovely personal touch. 

I picked up the mini crackers at Selfridges, in the sale of course. This was one of my best purchases as its not too big, understated, but a wonderful detail with fun questions inside. Plus, I paid less than a £1 for a pack. 

Now IKEA do some amazing lights where you tend to have the option of hanging or  using them on a table, which is what I decided to do. 

Table Cloths and runners. 
Places like Next, Asda and IKEA have a wide range that is definitely value for money. 
The decanter/vase was purchased at Asda it's a fancy way to pour your drinks.

Centre to the table is a glass bowl of various balls. The great thing about having a neutral colour is that you can use it all year round and when Christmas comes round or even Easter you can add different colours relative to that special time of the year. 

I'll be back soon with more tips, sale picks and creative ways to host your meals throughout the holidays. 
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