A Little Cheese & Festive Cheer

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If your anything like me you spent the last few days forgetting what day it was by indulging in left overs, spending time with family and falling asleep watching movies like Miracle On 34th Street.

In between all that goodness I found time to set the table and sit down with the family to enjoy wine, cheese and of course, chutney. 

Wreaths are traditionally seen on doors, but my sister made it at 
Grace & Thorn, she decided it would make a great centre piece for the table, and it sure was. 
Putting it on the Lazy Susan made it stand out our oval shaped table. 

The four white reindeer pieces were a great find in the Sale at Selfridges at 20p each! Sounds ridiculous, but honestly, I get a thrill out of these bargain finds!  

Cholocate coins are great for sprucing up the table so I lined the wreath with them. 

On Christmas Day, one of our gifts was a a beautiful package from my family in Derby by Morgan's Deli. It was in a lovely wooden basket lined with hay and wrapped in cellophane. It had a Sweet Chilli Relish, Cheedar Cheese and one of my favourites, Brie.

We used our cheese boards from pervious years (keep them!) and took out our cheese knive. 
Not only are the boards good for serving the obvious (cheese), they serve cakes and loaves of bread just as well.

Thanks once again and I'll be back for more festive tips, sale picks and creative ways to host your meals throughout the  holidays. 

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