Building The Table Spread - Mothers Day

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This Mothers Day my inspiration for my table came from my Resin Mirrored tray I have from Zara Home. This mirrored tray is beautifully framed with gold details, it catches my eye so heavily I could find no way not to use it. I wanted to build upon it with watered sky blues and a array of bright bursting colours. Our tea pot took and unfortunate turn for the worst and broke into some pieces. 
We hesitated in throwing it away and being the creative my mother is she found other use for it. 
As you see it's become a vessel for flowers. 

The plates used in this setting come from Ikea, they have a soft rigged edge and a fine curved line that follows around the plate. The cute and petite cake stand comes from House Of Fraser - Linea Pave it's out of stock at the moment but they may have it back in stock shortly. The blue placemats are a lot wider than this and can take up quite some space. I folded these smaller and then used a secondary gold placemat on top to tie in with the gold resin mirrored plate. I had floral blue mugs in a similar shade to the place mates but only two but I needed a third. I went digging in the cupboard for this gold lined, squared mug, which I can only describe as a 90's orange and it worked well.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you go onto hosting more meals around the table with friends, families or even your fellow creatives. - Happy Mothers Day!

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs
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