Happy Easter - Table Decor

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Happy Easter! - I've have patiently waited for the Easter holidays to arrive because it's one table I have yet to be creative with. What I love about this time of year is the weather, the colours & pastels that emerge from wardrobes and that cheeky indulgence on chocolate :)

Some of the tableware seen in these images were previously featured in my Mothers Day Post.
With personalisation being ever so more 'the' perfect touch to the way we shop, order and book things I wanted to bring that to my table and create a memorable Easter dining experience.

Sweetie bags - remember going to birthday parties as a child and receiving a 'goodie bag' towards the end of fun day well I saw these cute green & white striped sweetie bags in Tiger and couldn't wait to fill them with sugary treats and wrap them up with ribbon. Sorry savoury lovers, although a few pretzels would have been just as good right? Or chocolate covered ones hahaa!

Mini Nutella? How could I not, especially when it's on sale for £0.50 at Selfridges right now - stock up! Almost creating a stream of the mad-hatters tea party where anything goes, I rummaged through the cupboard and came across these Salt & Pepper measuring cups and filled them with banana sweets. The grass I picked up at Tiger, I'd normally use something like this as a table runner but as my table is quite long I used it along the width. 

Egg-fest - These metallic Favourina multicoloured chocolate eggs came from Lidl which was a simply touch to table.
Big eggs are great but they don't accommodate all tables well unless it's a nicely shaped chocolate figure that does't crowd or clutter your space. The Favourina Easter Egg mix contains three different eggs, milk, orange and strawberry, all so tasty. 

Thank you all for viewing and I hope you enjoyed viewing this just as much as I enjoyed putting this together.
Please leave a contact me for any further info, comment & share. x

© Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs

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