Elle B. Zhou X Sketch - London Fashion Week SS17

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The Most Important Meal OThe Day: BREAKFAST
I love fashion don't get me wrong, but fashion week isn't always bliss and smiles it can be quite overwhelming at times and not always the experience you hope for. But this? This was a dream come true...
I brought my sister along with me to Elle B. Zhou's fashion show at Sketch in London.
We had the most amazing breakfast with spritzers & tea followed by the catwalk show.

Elle's Grandmother was the inspiration behind
this fabulous collection and influences from
the 70's.  Incorporating big hair, big statements and a little
feather along the way.
There isn't much in this world more satisfying
than food and fashion but when combined
it's another level of truth.

What I loved about this collection is that every piece was unpredictable and something different.
I loved the lace and cool printed pieces and I don't think anyone could get over the cuteness of that pup!

For the longest I've wanted to visit Sketch and if you've been feeling the same way stop and just go.
No one has told me to say a word of this but one thing I truly appreciate is great food and great service.
Everything was absolutely beautiful and I look forward to returning soon.

 Images by - Holly Cato
Post by - Yours Truly

                                 © Jeaulina Cato 2016 all rights reserved on photographs
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