Afternoon Tea: Flemings Hotel Mayfair


                                           A f t e r n o o n   T e a 

Ff flemings mayfair: The Drawing Room



The range of sandwiches and petit fours were really delicious; a clever menu that not only looked amazing, it also danced with your taste buds.                The brioche buns with an English  famous egg & mayo had the perfect balance of flavours, comfort and satisfaction.

Mm - 
got milk? -a carefully thought out selection of fine teas from The East India Company, specially selected for the 
Flemings Mayfair. We choose the Flemings Breakfast Blend and Lis-han Oolong teas, which has beautiful and unique flavours.

The pièce de résistance was the scones, with the Jersey Chantilly cream and strawberry jam; they were the best scones I have ever tasted - light, warm and melt-in-your-mouth

Its all in the details: Things I appreciated about my visit was spending it with my mum. The host knowing my name as I walked into the room(i'm clearly not famous), plus having the right pronunciation  they're service is simply exceptional.

My previous experiences of Afternoon Tea is that you get one or two 'nice cakes' and two or three 'average cakes'.

So the scenario is, who is gonna take the 'L' and whose going to enjoy the slightly better ones

But this was everything but 'average' and 'nice'.

These desserts were a dream! I'd redo a dreary exam just to relieve a moment like this - you may say I'm dramatic I say I'm passionate about the goodness of food, it may set you free. I'm not a huge fan of Meringues or Eclaires but I'm not one to write off a dish/food  because someone may make it better, cook it differently or serve it in a way that appeals to me.

Groupon:  Say hello to your new friend. So this is my second time purchasing an Afternoon Tea voucher with groupon and this had to best purchase yet. Being that there a wide variety of options on the website you can become quiet spoilt for choice. I look at reviews, search images via instagram and then middle my way done from a million tabs to one. 
- happy choosing 
Not only is the afternoon tea given to you on offer but once you purchase it you can use it across a 3month period which is great if your plans are always unexpectedly changing and sometimes staying at home chilling is a great plan. 
But honestly, truly I try to save money where I can and I enjoy trying new things and visiting new places so this was a total win win. 

So long, farewell......
To all my foodies 'Go thy way, eat thy food with gladness...' - Ecclesiastes 9:7

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs
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