Flipping Excursion: Pancake Day

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I wanted to share inspo for all those who are making pancakes for Pancake Day or whenever really. Being that we're slowly, but surely moving from Winter into Spring; I wanted my table to be a subtle introduction of colour, texture and tones. One thing I love about setting the table is sharing the moment between family and friends, bringing the restaurant back to our home. I remember my mum practicing table etiquette with us at this table, listening to the funniest stories with friends at this table and now sharing my own creative journeys from this table. This table has been with me since I was born, it's been worn down, but stayed strong through many adventures of life. As much as my Mum is ready to let it go, there are so many perfect memories that I hold onto at this table.


Spotify :  WESTERN GROVE 3


100g Plain Flour 
Large Eggs
330ml Milk    
1tbsp Vegetable Oil/ Sunflower Oil 


Flowers - Adding flowers gives a natural face lift to your table, it contributes to the attitude and vibe of everything served around it, including the room. You don't have to spend much to create a look, the red roses were £2, the Alstromeria £2.50 and Spray Carnations £2.
I love using wide see-through vases, it's simple, dainty and opens up the space.


Cake Stand: This mini cake stand is from LSA, but unfortunately it's sold out, I paired it with a glass risen plate from ZARA to add more height and detail. 
Oliver Bonas has a similar one and it's currently on Sale


Toppings: You can have whatever you like! I opted for a spread of fruits: banana, mango, blueberries, kiwi and blackberries. 
You can go for savoury option with bacon, eggs, maple syrup and a kick of chilli.


Don't Get Lost In The SAUCEEE 
Lemon Juice 
Lime Juice
Warm on a stove and keep stirring till you get a slightly thick textured sauce, but by all means stir to your liking. 


Tableware: Vera Wang Wedgwood Guilded Weave 
It's a now discontinued line, they do have a similar style available Wedgwood Vera Wang Lace Gold Dinnerware
H&M have a lovely printed dinnerwear range that's versatile & stylish which can be effortlessly switched between a causal or  formal dinning experience.


Frying Pan: To create the small stack off pancakes I used a non-stick Mini Frying Pan from Ikea. It's one of my favourite purchases as a really good non-stick pan for £3.75. It's multifunctional and small so you can use it in the kitchen or on the table, I used the pan to display my lemon sauce on the table. Because mine was fairly hot, I placed a wooden board underneath the pan to protect the table & cloth. 


Double Whipped Cream
Double Cream: As you whip it and it starts to thicken add a sprinkling of sieved icing sugar to the mix. 

Have A Happy Pancake Day!

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs

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