Dinerama: & The Gang Gang Gang

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  Got to get down on Friday! If you can't wait to walk into 'Foodie ParadiseDinerama also opens on  Thursdays *omgggg*. 
From burgers to cocktails, dumplings to doughnuts there's a huge variety of food trucks to choose from, your practically spoilt for choice. 
They have the music playing, a huge seating area and a upstairs seating area, your pretty set for your night out!
 It gets packed quite quickly so don't stall in getting down there when it opens (5pm shh). They may run out of seats but thank God they'll never run out of food! 
Spotify :  WESTERN GROVE 3


Frozen Banana Margarita served at the 'Big Bar' I was skeptical because I thought a banana margarita sounded sketchy but it was soooo good.
It has Patron Silver, Banana, Coconut, Lime and Honey. It's amazing, and despite it's small size it's more than enough so chill unless you really fancy another ;)
It's  a creeper so do accompany with some of the tasty food Dinerama has on offer.



Yumplings brought to you by Yum-Bun, these steam pork dumplings are packed with flavour that literally oozes out the bun with every bite, ain't no dry food over here, Honestly they really go down a treat and a nice portion to share with a friend. If pork isn't your vibe then they have a vegetarian option containing  mushrooms mmm.


This is my cousin Tonianne  she sings, she has mad style..... I mean peep there gold tipped lashes! 
She's also quite the watch connoisseur, whatever your after, your first or 15th watch she has a recommendation for you. 
With had some pretty cool foodie adventures, you might remember her from when we visited Coppa Club


What do we have here? First of all if your going to get the Crispy cod, spicy mayo, fennel, coriander, mango, chilli glaze bun you must get two! I know reading that last sentence sounded like a mouthful but no way near as supreme as the Bun itself.  It's simply too good to be true. If you like to spice up yah-life the guys at Yum-Bun keep a cheeky bottle of my favourite chilli sauce, Sriacha for those who like to up the ante. They also serve buns in pork, chicken and tofu, even though i'm sold on the fish bun this is more of a reason to return to try some more.


This is not Lauren London this is my cousin Lauren  Cato, she's a Actor & Writer, you've probably seen some of her work on youtube or even visited her in a play
She's very talented . Besides that she's a dope hula hooper! W


BBQ LAB: I got the Habenero wings, these wings are cooked with  Habenero, Roasted Peppers, Cream, Tamarind Chilli and Sprinkles. 
Their  moorish, flavoursome and they fall right off the bone but theres no shame in leaving nothing but the bones in your box left I know I enjoyed mine haha. 
There is always a queue at this stand so that should speak for itself. 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll - For more Food Inspo see my IG @healthbyjeau

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs

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