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And on this Friday we conquered the 20"Pizza.  
The sun was out, faces were beaming, skies so blue and the overly excited flipflop wearers were out in full force. On our way to HomeSlice, we stopped in the midst of the sunshine for a mini photoshoot, I couldn't resist! Down into the deep corners of Old Street, we hungrily walked to find the wood fire cooked Pizza place -HomeSlice-. This visit was long awaited and like most things on a foodies list your constantly coming across another place to check out; whether through word of mouth, walking about or commonly found through social media the list is never-ending.
Spotify :  WESTERN GROVE 3


So the menu works like this, you have 10 different Pizzas to choose from which offers a range of vegetarian options. You can order by the slice (£4) or a 20" Pizza (£20). The 20"inch is big enough to share between 2/3 people, on the basis of you choosing this you can have up to two combinations of  pizza's on your 20". We went for the Caprese and the other half was  the Salami, Rocket and Parmesan Pizza. 


From the base to the toppings the Pizza was full of flavour. The parmesan was rich, I loved the slight smoke and saltiness of the base too, it enhanced the body of the Pizza. Out of the two we chose I really enjoyed both but I think I'd definitely go for the Caprese again and try it alongside something vegetarian. 
You really can't go wrong with some chilli oil it's one of my favourite oils especially on a bit of sourdough with a crack of salt....okay i''l stop. 
If it's not on the table ask for one, it's a moment between you, your pizza and tastebuds. 
One of the greatest trios.


Comforbality: It is a small sized restaurant with limited space. They have a seating area down stairs, upstairs and by the bar. 
The only thing I'd change is the bench seats, it wasn't the most comfort worthy seat to eat a meal from. I did enjoy the ambiance, the vibe and decor and most importantly the food and I will be back again soon.


Eliane's thoughts on the Pizza: 'it was a tasty meal haha'. Eliane is a friend and fellow foodie, she also enjoys baking (watch this space). 
You can check out her blogs and more through her tumblr

Happy Tuesday Ya'll - For more Foodie trails and places to visit IG: @jeaulinacato & @healthbyjeau

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