Lazy Hunter: It's A Brunch Ting

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                              LAZY HUNTER
                                                                                                                                                                                    A p r i l   2 8 t h   2 0 1 7


On this Friday we Brunched!  
After spending far too much time (as always) scrolling through Instagram and almost drooling over my phone, I finally and so happily got to experience this hidden gem. Located in North London and roughly a 6-8minute walk from Camden Town Station this new fav of mine is tucked between a stream of restaurants along Kentish Town road.  It's not often in London you'll find a reasonably priced restaurant with a great menu, tasty food and sweet vibes. Before I visited I definitely did had quite the list to choose from but what stood out for me was the google ratings (5.0), irresistible pictures and most importantly the menu! 
- So lets  g e t   o  t    


BRUNCH: What did we order? 
Lazy Hunter offers a brunch special none as the 'Hunter's Special' this includes a coffee, brunch cocktail and any breakfast on the menu all for £13.95 (omg)! I was shocked and most of the time if they say it's too good to be true, it probably is, but this was truly a m a z i n g, to say the least. Now I have this impartial favouritism for all things sweet and savour and balance is necessary amongst two equals so I and my friend decided to get one sweet and one savoury breakfast and go halves. Not all friends like sharing but thank God we do. I've always said if I owned a brunch spot I'd happily create a halves dish so you could easily enjoy the best of both worlds without sacrificing one for the other.


Spill The TEA: Raspberry Jam Tea
As a fond lover of all things tea and being regularly gifted teas I was in the mood to try something different than the classic English breakfast tea. I've always enjoyed trying new teas but I've never really been a fan of fruity teas, I think the most outlandish tea for myself that I ended up loving was 'The Nutty Chocolate' tea from twinnings. A-Moment-Of-Silence for this tea and to all who have slept of such a great tea, I was awoken at this moment! My first sip was mind-blowing, It was fully flavoured, there was no diluted taste of fruits, no wateriness it was complete and utter vibes. I was impressed on how they created such a wowing tea, no loose leaves, no tea bag. I'd recommend this tea highly!


BRUNCH: What did we order? 
I ordered the Full Hunters Breakfast it comes with an Apple and cider sausage (hidden by bacon), bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, cherry tomatoes, black pudding, eggs (scrambled or fried), toasted bread and fresh butter. Served in a cast iron skilled this bad boy packed a punch, the mushrooms were firm and flavoursome, the beans were well seasoned, the eggs light and bouncy and even the cherry tomatoes were fab. Now bacon tends to be hit and miss with me but this was a HIT it was tender, not salty, juicy and fresh. I really couldn't believe this was my first time here but it certainly won't be my last.


Mimosa: DRANK
This mimosa complimented the meal so well, it was perfect not overly sweet at all just right. I'd recommend giving it a good stir to mix all the flavours together. 


BRUNCH: What did we order? 
Did somebody say French Toast? Almost, allow me to reintroduce you too 'Sweet Mary's Favourite' - Sweet brioche with maple syrup and forest fruits and berries. All I can remember of how easily the knife sliced into the brioche and the fork tugged into it with the fresh fruits. It's epic, it really is and it's actually quite a healthy balance as it comes with many great antioxidants, such as kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and apples....yummy.


SERVICE: How did they do? 
The service was great, nothing was rushed or too slow it was timely. We were well looked after throughout our visit and it's just another reason why I'm keen to visit again soon. The staff are really friendly and patient with you and will help you choose with the menu if my pictures haven't swayed you enough.

Thank you & Goodbye
So long, farewell......
To all my foodies: eat well and be merry, eat more and be merrier IG: @jeaulinacato@healthbyjeau

© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs
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