Dominique Ansel Bakery: It's A Brunch Ting

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                                              DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERY
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And on this Saturday we Brunched!  
After a lovely mid-week to Paris, it was nice to have a chilled start to the weekend in Dominique Ansel Bakery. Dominique Ansel is French-born, pastry chef and has been recently awarded/named World's Best Pastry Chef 2017. The Bakery became well established around 2013 in their innovation of the Cronut, the cronut is a combination of a croissant and doughnut. There are only three DAB bakeries across the world, one being in Tokyo, New York and London! 
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 Dominique Ansel Bakery

matcha passionfruit & A Mini Madeleine

BRUNCH: What did we order? 
I've become quite the fan of macaroons as of late. When I was younger I remember my sister bringing them back from her travels and I definitely had a preference for ganache filled macaroons, over the jelly filled macaroons. 
Now matcha which is a type of green tea has recently exploded across London, you'll find matcha latte's, pancakes, dessert; and even matcha ice cream, which is sooo good. As an addict of matcha green tea KitKat, I was keen to try their matcha passionfruit macaroon. The macaroon was charming, the passionfruit glides with shooting flavour and the matcha comes through nice and subtly. 

pea & ham hock soup Garden peas and confit ham hock with crème Fraiche, broad beans and pea shoots 


BRUNCH: What did we order? 
On my last visit to DAB, I ordered the 'Perfect Little Egg Sandwich' that's served in a tasty brioche bun. 
On this occasion, I came across the only soup on the menu and decided to go for it. When it came I was highly impressed by the presentation of it, the smell is enticing and the taste?, Well I fancy some now, let's say that.
It was completed amazing, it wasn't overpowered by the taste of peas nor was it underwhelming, it was warm, well seasoned, comfy and had an edge to it. The ham hock served to the middle of the dish was full of flavour, it was succulent and complimented the soup well. Saving the best for last, the crispy bread was delicious, it had a nice salt to it which brought out the flavours in other parts of the dish. 

Eliane Elaine has graduated in film, she's previously featured on my blog when we visited HomeSlice. Check out her Tumblr 

leek & funky cheese quiche Garden peas and confit ham hock with crème Fraiche, broad beans and pea shoots 


BRUNCH: What did we order? 
Eliane ordered the Leek & Funky Cheese Quiche. For her, the quiche was 'packed full of flavour especially because of the Camembert which gave it a strong pungent taste'. I think I'll most likely have this on my next visit, it looked amazing and from the expression on there face,  I could tell she'd chosen well. 

cotton-soft cheesecake Signature ricotta mousse cheesecake, lightly brûléed on top 

BRUNCH: What did we order? 
Accompanying her delicious Quiche, Eliane ordered the Cotton-Soft Cheesecake, she described it as being 'soft and spongy with the lovely brûlée on top. DAB offers many surprises and conventional or standard doesn't fit their model so if you enjoy a cookie then I'd highly recommend the 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot', it's served with a mouth-watering infused Tahitian vanilla milk, not-to-be-missed. You can enjoy as many as you like, they're completely hangover free! 

the cronut pastry  Chef Dominique Ansel’s signature “half croissant, half doughnut” pastry 

BRUNCH: What did we order? 
What's special about the cronuts at the bakery is that they're only available for that month, each month DAB brings out a new, limited edition cronut of the month, and this one happened to be one of my favourites yet. On my last visit in April I had the Mandarin Orange Jam cronut, filled with a Valrhona Jivara Ganache. Something about the way it's made makes it so memorable to me. It was epic and nothing like I'd had before, the quality and weight of pastry is extraordinary and it really impacts each bite; in a luxurious way. This month did not disappoint at all, the flavour of the month was the May Blush Peach & Elderflower cronut, and the name of it was enough for me to know it was going to be something unforgettable. I cannot explain how delicious it was, I defiantly will be back for one before the months up. They tend to sell out each day, so if you can't get there early then try reserving online. On launch day we were able to get nice seats in the gardens and enjoy our cronuts in the afternoon. 


SERVICE: How was it? 
Before we entered the bakery we were taking pictures of the front of the store where we were kindly greeted by a member of the team. The experience was made special as we were well seen too throughout our visit, the DAB team was very helpful, polite and funny. Despite it gradually getting busier as it was the launch day of the new Cronut, their service did not dwindle to the slightest. I'd more than happily go back, not only for the amazing food but the exceptional service too.  

Thanks for stopping by, more food and more fun coming soon.


© Jeaulina Cato 2017 all rights reserved on photographs
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