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                                        ÉLAN CAFE
                                                                                                                                                                                     Ja n   2 5 t h   2 0 1 8


 It's been a long time since we met here guys, I was on such a role last year with blogging & posting.
Many unexpected things had come up and I could no longer continue with this as it was. I've missed this though, sharing my travels, experiences and foodie adventures; and I will be giving you plenty fresh new content this year. I'm so excited to share so many new places, hidden gems, and favourites with you so let's get into it then.

late, lunch   

I and my friend (Erica) decided to have a catch-up and being the Instagram lover I am I went through a list of saved places and came across the prettiest looking place with the dreamiest decor, ÉLAN CAFE. London like many cities has become a hub for new 'instagramable' hot spots that are popping up quicker than restaurants are closing. Everyone wants to create the place that's on everyone's social feed.

Like everything in life, 'all that glitters ain't gold' I say this because you can go to the most beautiful house and sit at the finest table but if the food wasn't prepared right it's just a pretty looking evening with an average taste left in your mouth (what a bummer). Yes, I have experienced this with events and restaurants, and it comes from pictures because they really can sell experiences and dreams... I'm a sucker for a good picture too!
But for those of you who know me and for those who are getting to know me I will always give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the sandwiched truth (the good, the not so good and the okay-ishly-good). 

WHO'S THAT?:        
jeaulina cato (me) 

T-Shirt: Zara
Phone Case: TopshopCoat: Zara

pretty in blush pink    

It was a busy Thursday afternoon arriving at Élan Cafe. I was met with a long queue and from the Instagram pictures, you'd understand why! it's undeniably gorgeous. The restaurant is covered in floral arrangements, blush pink interior, soft velvet chairs and marble tables. Now I really planned to get more pictures of the decor but the restaurant was so full and the time flew by so quickly so if you want to see more, go visit or take a look at their Instagram.


what we ordered 

The Menu.....
Well let's be honest, take into account we are in central London then factor in we are in Chelsea so in case your from outside of London that means money, more money, and mo money. 
Nothing really surprises me in London when it comes to eating out but the drinks menu did. 
For the amount served I felt it was overpriced. I mean the Spanish Latte was the most expensive item we ordered and one of the smallest too. If it was an alcoholic beverage I could understand or even a drink priced the same but served in a taller/wider glass, however, these glasses were similarly sized to the Nandos 'water' glasses and those are small. 
We ordered:
Buttermilk Chicken Goujons, 
with smoked paprika ketchup 6,5
Sweet Potato Fries 5
Spanish Latte, 
with sweetened condensed milk 7,5
Ice Tea, with Jasmine & Lime 5,5
Carrot Cake 4,5 
Warm Cookies with a chai tea ice cream 6,5

drinks - hey erica!

I definitely have a thing for English breakfast tea, any tea really. One of my old favourites I tried years ago at afternoon tea was 'the nutty chocolate' by twinnings. It sounds unusual for a tea but it just works and has a warm, cosy flavour too it. I am a huge fan of Ice Tea, it's my go-to drink when I'm abroad especially in the sun, yeah London has been cold and wet but this was one of the better days and inside the restaurant was nice and cosy. I absolutely loved the Jasmine & Lime iced tea, it sweet (not too sweet), well flavoured and refreshing, you know those drinks that just put you in a good mood? this is one of them.While you are here, check out Erica's SoundCloud

bon appetit  

Let's start with the chicken, now seeing that this item comes under the 'bites' section of the menu I was pleasantly surprised with the well-sized portion we were given. I loved the outer layer of the chicken goujons, I do feel the inside was a quite dry and lacked flavour but the sauce made up for it. The sweet potato fries were great, they were wholesome and firm. The white creamy sauce had a creme fresh taste to it that grew on me throughout the meal. I would have preferred a hot pepper based sauce but that's just my preference. Something with a kick or punch!
You can't go wrong with burger sauce or mayo.

oh sweet thang    

Rose & Pistachio cake is a rare find and I was so happy to come across it on the menu. Unfortunately, they'd run out so I went with another favourite, carrot cake. I've had many varieties of carrot cake in the past and I can appreciate each one for the unique ingredients and slightly different flavours. This cake, in particular, wasn't exactly to my taste, I prefer a sweeter buttercream. I felt it lacked lustre, the cake in itself had a nice texture but It had a  taste of baking soda which was off-putting. It was a well-sized slice for the price and aesthetically quite pleasing. 


sweet thang 

The warm cookies... I wanted to love you so much but as you see it was overbaked. Slightly burnt cookies were disappointing, to say the least. The chai ice cream was really refreshing and would have complimented the cookies better had it not been overcooked. The cookie itself was surprising in taste, and like the carrot cake, it had a strange taste to it. I would like to give the desserts another try but I don't think I'd opt for this again.One last thing I must point out is that they give you 45minutes service time which we did run over. Some things are hit and miss and I really do love the restaurant... okay I'm in love with the interior. If I return I think I'd be more picky with my future choices but aside from one of the most important things (food), we had a good time here. 


 Thanks for stopping by, more food and more fun coming soon.

© Jeaulina Cato 2018 all rights reserved on photographs

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