A/W13 Style Edit 1.0

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A/W13 Style Edit 1.0

Over the coming weeks be sure to follow my site for styling options for the A/W13 season.  Showing you how to recreate staple pieces and over looked items in your closet. 

                                                                          model : Jerrell Cato
                                                                       stylist : Jeaulina Cato
                                                            photographer : Jeaulina Cato

I wanted to show how easy it is to wear smart casual with basic colors and details without over doing it.

I used a white shirt as my first layer of choice,  I then incorporate the navy plaid shirt to tone it towards the causal.

Next I added a YSL bomber to tie both appeals together which kept towards the style code (smart casual). The trousers I went for are loosely fitted joggers, which are terribly comfortably and appropriate for the look intended on creating.

Lastly I finished with Prada trainers, the reason is the colour works with the entire dress, the patent parts of the shoe is what takes the attire up a couple of notches. The fact it is a trainer stops it from looking like work uniform.

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs
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