A/W13 Style Edit 1.1

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A/W13 Style Edit 1.1

Christmas Holidays are here and you'll be going out a whole lot more often. What's effortless, style worthy and doesn't kick me out of my comfort zone like a elf suit? Take a look

                                                                          model : Jerrell Cato
                                                                                              stylist : Jerrell Cato
                                                            photographer : Jeaulina Cato

Jeans jackets are not synonymous to summer, pull them out this winter. Whether or not yours is lined with sheepskin you can layer it up and purchase fur lapels.

No need to over do it with accessories the right watch will do what you thought 10 accessories would.

Purchase shades in the winter, best time to get them as you won't be bombarded with all the new ones they throw at you in the summer. On the plus side you will probably find ones that suit your face rather then the ones you've seen a celebrity wear.

Black on black star print tee, understated but noticeable.

New Balance, comfortable, supports the arch in the foot and ties well into most outfits and outings.
 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs
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