A/W13 Style Edit 1.2

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A/W13 Style Edit 1.2

View the latest shoot we did for this season, showing you how you can dress it down but hold up the look with 1 or 2 key things 'colour' and 'fit'.

                                                                          model : Toni-anne Cato
                                                                                                                 stylist : Jeaulina x Toni-anne Cato
                                                            photographer : Jeaulina Cato

One of my personal favorites is fitted joggers it's adaptable to every look and is suitable for everyday looks. 

Sneak a splash of colour in with festive socks, it's not to loud but it does add the difference within the detail of your look.

Vivenne Westwood earrings. When it comes to earrings I'm far from an impulsive buyer I take my time to look for the pair that I can wear often but stand out rather then blend in. These are a sure representation of that, know eye will pass these.

I love nude and red lipstick but for the brave who can pull a look as well as this with a black, blue or green lip, I say get out there.

Graphic tee's are surely the most easiest thing to come by. It's the inexpensive way to build on a plain outfit.

Normally when shopping we tend to purchase black, navy, grey or cream colored coats, which is essential and smart in order for it to be worn on a daily basis; without worrying about the colours clashing. A great investment is a coat that you wear less often which doesn't necessarily go with every item of clothing but brings the best out of the assemble as a whole

 © Jeaulina Cato 2013 all rights reserved on photographs
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